New Data Sheets Available for QLabel and EJournal Viewer

October 13, 2014

We are pleased to announce the addition of new data sheets for our POS software packages QLabel and EJournal Viewer.

QLabel allows you to generate labels based on the item information already stored in your QUORiON POS system.  This means you save time, because no extra work is required to maintain the labels.  Moreover, you increase your store’s efficiency, because item descriptions stay uniform throughout your business and everyone stays on the same page.

Check out the new data sheet here.


The EJournal Viewer imports all transactional data from your QUORiON POS systems straight to your desktop.  With an array of sorting options and graphical representations to choose from you stay on top of developments.  Leverage actionable insights to get the most out of your business.

Check out the new data sheet here.

SYSTEM OPTION 512 – Store Report Info in Binary E-Journal

September 24, 2014

We’re pleased to announce an update for the report information within the electronic journal.

It’s intended for QTouch 8/10/12/15B and QMP2000.


Managers should know which Clerk has created what type of report at what time.  For example, a Clerk prints an X-Report, does some corrections and then prints the Z-report.  In the previous E-Journal version you only saw the correction, but not the time when a clerk actually created a report to check the cash drawer total.  Now however, the Manager can look inside the E-Journal and discover the time a clerk takes a report before the daily Z-Report.


SYSTEM OPTION 512 – Store Report Info in Binary E-Journal

When set and the “binary” electronic journal is active the POS system will store the time & date with X or Z counter(s) in the EJ, when a report is taken by keyboard or computer.  The Report Type (System or User) and Number with time, date, X or Z Counter are stored.  It depends on SYSTEM OPTION 110 and 332, where X or Z counters are stored.



M = Report Mode.  C is computer and K is keyboard report.

C = Network Report. L is local and N is network report.

U = Fixed to U for User Report.

L = Lock Mode. X, Z or C report.

#### = User Report Number.

: = Fixed separator for X or Z counter.

GGGGGG = 6 digit General Z or Z counter.

- = Fixed separator between General and Local X or Z counter.

XXXX = 4 digit Local X or Z Counter


Example Local X User Report# 3 by keyboard: KLUX0003:000001-0001

Example Network Z User Report# 3 by computer: CNUZ0003:000001-0001



M = Report Mode.  C is computer and K is keyboard report.

C = Network Report. L is local and N is network report.

S = Fixed to S for System Report.

L = Lock Mode. X, Z or C report.

#### = System Report Type in format TPFF where T = Pointer Type, P = period and FF = Report

File Number.

: = Fixed separator for X or Z counter.

GGGGGG = 6 digit General Z or Z counter.


Example Local X System Report# 3 by keyboard: KLSX0003:000001

Example Network Z User Report# 3 by computer: CNSZ0003:000001

Food Service POS Solution Infographic

September 15, 2014

Today we published a particularly interesting infographic, which highlights 16 top restaurant POS features in a visually appealing format.  For QUORiON partners it represents a great sales tool in their discussions with restaurant owners, because it brings the POS features to life in a way they will greatly appreciate.

We covered the following POS features in this infographic:

Waiter Hand-Over Reports
Time Controlled Price Changes
Beverage Control
Merchant Services
Loyalty System & Promotions
QOrder Table Side Ordering
Floating Table
Seats per Table
Table Management
Recipes & Ingredients
Hold & Fire
Inventory Management
Kitchen Receipts

In addition, the infographic contains QR codes that will take you to the website for additional information such as brochures and testimonials.

For partners, who may want to make changes, we have uploaded the design psd files, which you will find on ONEHUB.

Download the food service POS infographic today and discover how QUORiON can help your restaurant!

QUORiON Introduces Its Embedded POS Systems to USA

July 18, 2014

QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, plans its USA market entry at the 2014 Retail Now show in Orlando come August.  Over the past 15 years QUORiON quietly established a distribution network in over 70 countries.  During this time the USA has remained as one of the few remaining frontiers for the company.  “Our international experience has allowed our product line to evolve substantially from our modest beginnings.  We started with one electronic cash register model and now offer an extensive range of Point of Sale products – everything from small, fiscal cash registers to modern touch screen POS systems and apps,” Mr. Patrick Grueschow, QUORiON VP of Marketing explains.  “We have faced tough competition from Asian and North American vendors in virtually every country, which drove our product development. The remaining hurdle for the USA had been the credit card processing, which differs substantially in the USA compared to Germany, for instance.  Now that we have Monetra on-board we have the flexibility to address processing needs in almost any country of the world.  As a result, we feel confident to undertake this new US venture.”

The Monetra® payment processing software securely links point of sale directly to all major transaction processors for performing credit card transactions.  Merchants will be able to either run the software locally or take advantage of hosted Monetra® gateways certain processors such as SecureNet offer.  With the Monetra® integration and a processing agreement with SecureNet, QUORiON has found a secure method to implement credit card transactions into its embedded POS systems without any additional software installation on its POS terminals.  QUORiON’s proprietary OS and Monetra’s® end-to-end encryption provides a secure processing platform.  “As opposed to embedded systems, PC based POS systems tend to suffer from a variety of security problems such as malware, data theft, software vulnerabilities, and what have you,” Mr. Matthias Hesse, QUORiON’s head of R&D asserts.  “Embedded systems have the upper hand here.  Add Monetra® and the POS system never actually handles any payment information,” Mr. Hesse declares.

The new QTouch 8 and Android POS system will unquestionably present the highlight at QUORiON’s RSPA booth.  Both product lines will enjoy their international launch this fall. The QTouch 8 shines as a cross over model between the mobile and traditional POS worlds.  With its 9 inch touch screen display, integrated printer, and small foot print, it speaks to small businesses who want a traditional touch screen POS system.  Conversely, QUORiON’s Android POS system caters to those, who wish to adopt mobile POS technology on small screens or 10 inch tablets.

Moreover, US vendors will surely have a close look at the QTouch 10 – the all-in-one POS system QUORiON launched in 2012.  “The QTouch 10 is one of my favorites.  We tried to make the owner’s life as simple as possible.  Integrated POS peripherals means, no set up, no compatibility issues, and everything from one vendor,“ Mr. Grueschow explains.

All of QUORiON’s embedded POS systems come with the QMP POS software as standard.  Even the Android POS system runs it.  “We ported our POS software with all its 20 years of experience directly onto the Android platform.  We did not have to reinvent the whole thing and can offer the full feature set.  Even now, many POS apps are still struggling along with minimal POS features,” Mr. Hesse states.  “That’s a problem we don’t have.”  QMP allows QUORiON POS systems to function in various business sectors such as retail, food service, bakeries, dry cleaning, or salons.  A selection of customization options and system parameters allows end users to program an exact fit to their business.

The company even intends to showcase its PC POS system for those that prefer to stay with PC technology.  All in all, the company seems to offer something for everyone.

In case you make the track to the 2014 Retail Now show in Orlando, you will find QUORiON at booth number 930.

New External POS Display – CD704

July 10, 2014

Starting this summer we will introduce the new generation of large external POS displays.

The CD704 will replace the previous CD701.  New are the LAN port (PC based POS only) and the expanded 800 x 480 resolution.

For images with 536 x 392 resolutions the SD card furnishes a new data structure.  It will not be possible to transfer the SD card from a CD701 display to a CD704.

Download the info sheet here to find out more.

Orderman Ordersolution Has Reached End of Life

April 9, 2014

For more than 10 years the Orderman Ordersolution was one of the favorites in the food service industry. Today, we received the announcement that the company will discontinue the Ordersolution®. Moreover, the company declared that it will no longer continue development on the Ordersolution®.

Naturally, it remains possible to continue using current installations. In this case users will still be able to use new terminals as well. The support for the Ordersolution® will continue on till May 1st, 2014.

However, new installations of the Ordersolution® are no longer an option for POS dealers.

Given the new announcement we want to use the opportunity to let current POS system dealers, who use the Ordersolution® in combination with QUORiON POS systems, to learn more about our Android based ordering solution – QOrder.

Visit the QOrder web pages and click through the numerous features, screenshots, or download the demo for testing today!

New Offer for THE EXCHANGE Software

March 3, 2014

THE EXCHANGE is revenue generating software for bars, which is fully compatible with QUORiON POS systems.  But what is THE EXCHANGE and why should you, as a QUORiON reseller, be interested in it?

Firstly, let’s look at the most important question, why should you be interested in THE EXCHANGE.  Well, THE EXCHANGE is a tool relevant to any bar that wishes to increase sales…so most!  On top of massively increasing sales (check out the case studies on our website) it can manipulate the buying behaviour of customers, so in effect a bar can pretty much control what customers buy and at what time they buy it.  Sounding good so far?  Download the infographic today!

Oh, and you can offer this setup to your clients free of charge.  Now to what THE EXCHANGE actually is.  THE EXCHANGE turns a bar, pub or club into a stock market for a completely up to the client).  In the simple intuitive setup wizard the client actually floats chosen products on their very own stock market.  For each product the client chooses minimum and maximum prices that the product will trade they are in complete control.  Once trading starts prices rise and fall based upon what customers s.

You will find further details online, our website

- our Facebook page 

Twitter @drinkexchange

So what are the commercials?  As stated above THE EXCHANGE can be offered free of charge to every one of your clients.  The only charge comes if and when they choose to run an event at which point they pay just GBP £50.  This covers their support, upgrades, maintenance etc. there really are no further charges whatsoever.  And the main point of interest for you is that you receive 25% of this, forever.

For this 25% we…

-don’t expect you to install the system, we do that.

-don’t expect you to support the system, we do that.

-don’t expect you to get involved with payments, yes we do that too.

In fact we don’t ask anything from yourself other than the initial introduction – which is just communicating to your clients (which we can assist with) that this is available to them.  No hassle, no hard sale, just ‘this is cool and these guys will handle everything, give them a call if you are interested…’

So, to summarise, you can offer your clients a hugely effective and proven successful sales driving tool for free AND generate an additional stream of revenue for yourself at the same time.  The client requirements are fairly simple; a Quorion POS system linked to a PC (and they also need some form of TV’s).

If you would like to discuss this further or indeed get involved please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Chris Dunkley,, 00 44 1323 406237.

Download the infographic today!


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