Orderman Ordersolution Has Reached End of Life

April 9, 2014

For more than 10 years the Orderman Ordersolution was one of the favorites in the food service industry. Today, we received the announcement that the company will discontinue the Ordersolution®. Moreover, the company declared that it will no longer continue development on the Ordersolution®.

Naturally, it remains possible to continue using current installations. In this case users will still be able to use new terminals as well. The support for the Ordersolution® will continue on till May 1st, 2014.

However, new installations of the Ordersolution® are no longer an option for POS dealers.

Given the new announcement we want to use the opportunity to let current POS system dealers, who use the Ordersolution® in combination with QUORiON POS systems, to learn more about our Android based ordering solution – QOrder.

Visit the QOrder web pages and click through the numerous features, screenshots, or download the demo for testing today!

New Offer for THE EXCHANGE Software

March 3, 2014

THE EXCHANGE is revenue generating software for bars, which is fully compatible with QUORiON POS systems.  But what is THE EXCHANGE and why should you, as a QUORiON reseller, be interested in it?

Firstly, let’s look at the most important question, why should you be interested in THE EXCHANGE.  Well, THE EXCHANGE is a tool relevant to any bar that wishes to increase sales…so most!  On top of massively increasing sales (check out the case studies on our website) it can manipulate the buying behaviour of customers, so in effect a bar can pretty much control what customers buy and at what time they buy it.  Sounding good so far?  Download the infographic today!

Oh, and you can offer this setup to your clients free of charge.  Now to what THE EXCHANGE actually is.  THE EXCHANGE turns a bar, pub or club into a stock market for a completely up to the client).  In the simple intuitive setup wizard the client actually floats chosen products on their very own stock market.  For each product the client chooses minimum and maximum prices that the product will trade they are in complete control.  Once trading starts prices rise and fall based upon what customers s.

You will find further details online, our website


- our Facebook page


Twitter @drinkexchange

So what are the commercials?  As stated above THE EXCHANGE can be offered free of charge to every one of your clients.  The only charge comes if and when they choose to run an event at which point they pay just GBP £50.  This covers their support, upgrades, maintenance etc. there really are no further charges whatsoever.  And the main point of interest for you is that you receive 25% of this, forever.

For this 25% we…

-don’t expect you to install the system, we do that.

-don’t expect you to support the system, we do that.

-don’t expect you to get involved with payments, yes we do that too.

In fact we don’t ask anything from yourself other than the initial introduction – which is just communicating to your clients (which we can assist with) that this is available to them.  No hassle, no hard sale, just ‘this is cool and these guys will handle everything, give them a call if you are interested…’

So, to summarise, you can offer your clients a hugely effective and proven successful sales driving tool for free AND generate an additional stream of revenue for yourself at the same time.  The client requirements are fairly simple; a Quorion POS system linked to a PC (and they also need some form of TV’s).

If you would like to discuss this further or indeed get involved please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Chris Dunkley,

chris@jdp-worldwide.com, 00 44 1323 406237.

Download the infographic today!

POS Feature Highlight – Kitchen Monitors for Restaurants

November 26, 2013

Kitchen Monitor System – MicroPlus KDS

What does it do?
Creates order from chaos in busy kitchens.  Instead of printing restaurant orders on dedicated kitchen printers, a special monitor system displays all orders in a clear and orderly fashion on a screen.

What does it mean?
Kitchen staff can easily read color enhanced product orders.  You can navigate through order items as you prepare them as well as check them off once finished.  In addition, you can group and display them at different stations for drive-thru, food preparation, or delivery applications.

What is the customer value?
The kitchen monitor provides a powerful tool to help increase customer speed of service and employee productivity, while helping reduce errors.

Industry of Application:
Food service

Which models does it apply to?
QTouch, QMP 2000

Ask our friendly sales team for details today!

Kitchen Monitor for Restaurants

Order items on kitchen monitor

QProg POS Software Now Available in Spanish

November 18, 2013

Great news for our Partners in Latin America and Spain!

QUORiON is happy to announce that the PC program QProg is now available in Spanish.  Not only can you update POS system texts in Spanish as before, but the PC program now sports a completely Spanish user interface.  The previous interface supported German and English.

QProg is QUORiON’s PC program, which you use to completely configure your POS system.  It allows you to tailor the unit to your business requirements, whether it’s taxes, PLUs, menus, e-journal length, etc.  The Spanish language version will assists native speakers greatly with their daily tasks and enhances QProg’s usability throughout Latin America.

Talk to sales today to find out more and where you can get a copy of the new version!

POS Software Feature Highlight – Table Seat Numbers

November 14, 2013

Table Seat Numbers

What does it do?

Every table on a QUORiON POS system can have up to 99 seats allocated to it.

What does it mean?
This allows waiters to match orders with the seat and avoids the popular question, ”Who ordered the pepper steak?”  It always looks bad, when a waiter arrives at a table to serve something no body ordered there.  Seat numbers eliminate this problem.

Staff can already assign separate invoices to guests during booking.  This provides 3 options to print receipts.  A total invoice for all seats, separate receipts for each seat, or seat groups as needed.

What is the customer value?
Helps improve serving efficiency and customer satisfaction by ensuring that each customer/seat gets the food they ordered without having to interrupt customers.  In large restaurants with terraces waiters instantly know where the food goes.

Industry of Application:
Food Service

Which models does it apply to?
QTouch POS Systems

Check out our knowledgebase article on OneHub to set this up or consult your local QUORION dealer!


New Receipt Printer – QPrint Light

November 13, 2013

QUORiON now offers an additional, external receipt printer.  The QPRint Light will serve as a reliable, low cost, easy to use, and energy saving POS printer.  The QPrint Light connects to QUORION POS system via a RS232 cable and 3rd party POS systems via USB.

Unique to the QPrint Light is its ability to print special characters required for Greek and Arabic.  These language character sets are already in the standard configuration.  Additional languages such as Chinese are available as a factory option.

Naturally, the QPrint Light sports an auto cutter, multiple paper sensors, and Easy-Load paper replacement for your convenience.  The thermal mechanism dishes out 160mm/s with a resolution of 180 dpi.  It supports paper widths from 50 to 80 mm.

Moreover, it comes with a cash drawer interface and even allows you to wall mount the unit.  Optional is the melody box for kitchen deployments and the spill proof cover.

Ask our sales team for additional details today! 

New POS Software Feature – Toggle PLU Names in Menu

November 13, 2013


Toggle PLU Name 2 in Menu

What does it do?

When you use menu buttons and activated the second caption for the PLU in the configuration, you can now toggle between the PLU names shown on the menu buttons.

What does it mean?

When you open a menu, which shows PLU names and then touch the menu title, the POS system will toggle between the first and second names.  When the second name shows, the POS system will put the ‘*’ character in front of the menu title.  You always open the menu with the first name.

What is the customer value?

You can easily handle names in two languages or additional descriptions for certain items, which you can call up on request.

Industry of Application: All

Which models does it apply to?

QTouch POS systems


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