The Role Receipt Printers Play In A Solution That Enhances Customer Experience

April 15, 2015

Generally, one would not expect a receipt printer to fulfill more than the obvious — print receipts. However, a closer look reveals that with some ingenuity, receipt printers can serve a number of roles to maximize a customer’s experience: deploying them at key locations to speed up customer throughput, ensuring accurate plus timely order processing, and keeping clients informed on current transactions or future deals.  Naturally, the POS system needs to drive these features and thereby create additional utility to the POS printer.  QUORiON POS systems accomplish this and thereby maximize value from your POS hardware.

Here are several features of receipt printers and ways to use receipt printers that can help your merchant IT clients enhance their customers’ experience:

Features That Reduce Wait Time At Point of Sale

  • High Speed Printing
    • Nobody wants to wait on the receipt. Quick invoicing minimizes bottlenecks and keeps the check-out line rolling along smoothly.

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QUORiON Launches New POS System for Small Business

April 14, 2015

QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, launches its new all-in-one POS system for small business.  At the RSPA show in Orlando last year, the company already showcased a prototype POS system with the intention to produce it in 2015.  The new QTouch 8 has evolved past the trial installations and QUORiON now stands ready to begin its full scale production.

The QTouch 8 serves as a cross-over model between the mobile and traditional POS worlds.  With its 8 inch touch screen display, integrated printer, and small foot print, the company clearly directs the product at small businesses, who favor a traditional touch screen POS system.  Small business owners face more POS options than ever before.  However, the QTouch 8 POS system seems to lend itself to small business needs. “For small businesses it’s crucial to begin processing customers as quickly as possible.  Because we have several POS peripherals built-in and pre-install our QMP POS software, there is little hardware installation that store owners need to bother with.  From a dealer stand point, the modular components make service in the field easy and there are no additional software packages to install.  They can begin system configuration immediately,” Patrick Grueschow, QUORiON’s VP says.

The QTouch 8 features the same Arm processor family as the rest of the QTouch series, which the company introduced over the past few years.  “Standardization is key in any product line, as it facilitates easy repair and servicing,” Mr. Hesse asserts.  Like its bigger QTouch 10 brother, the QTouch 8 sports a thermal printer with Easy-Load and auto cutter.  “Users will be able to choose between 80mm, 58mm, or a no printer versions,” Cordula Rehfeldt, QUORiON’s Sales Director states.  The POS system will have a number of built-in interfaces as well such as LAN, USB, and serial ports.  “The interfaces will allow small business owners to support various peripheral devices like scanners, scales, external printers and so forth,” Matthias Hesse, QUORiON’s R&D Director adds.

Additionally, the built-in POS software lets small business owners customize the QTouch 8 to service their needs, irrespective of their business vertical.  “We see owners of food trucks, bakeries, boutiques, and coffee shops deploying QTouch8s.  It covers everything they need out of one box,” Mr. Hesse says.  The POS system houses everything inside an impact and spill resistant plastic housing.

Noting these characteristics, one can easily understand how the QTouch 8 fulfills its promise in the utility department.  “It’s not just that.  While they appreciate usability, small business owners cannot afford to routinely buy new POS systems.  They need to have something that lasts.  In the past we have had units out in the Australian Outbacks and we never hear from them.  That’s the kind of dependability we consistently strive for,” Mr. Grueschow explains.

For small businesses who require a cash register, but prefer to utilize touch screen technology, the QTouch 8 should represent a welcome addition to the POS market.  It will be available in the USA as well.

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Tweetepos Links Your Twitter Account to Your POS System

April 7, 2015

Changing the way you run promotions forever!  Drive sales on selected items at chosen times.  Create and deploy promotions simultaneously to both your Twitter and your POS system in less than 30 seconds.


To illustrate, you may have 10 Pints of Guinness you need to sell today or they will be disposed of.  Tweetepos allows you to create and send this promotion out to all your twitter followers.  It grabs the PLU data from your POS system.  You then select the offer, set price, time line, and stock quantity.  When the promotion ends or you reach the desired stock quantity, it resets the POS systems to the standard setting.

Tweetepos is a service app that runs on your PC.  Download the brochure here.

Contact JDP Worldwide Ltd. to find out about pricing plans and how to connect Tweetepos to your QUORiON POS system. 

Telephone: +44 (0)1323 406237




10 Ways To Protect POS From Malware

April 2, 2015

While point of sale (POS) threats have existed for years, 2014 has set a dubious record, as criminals placed the POS system in the spotlight with a number of well publicized attacks. Their severity proves that the risk of becoming the next cyberattack victim has soared. Why should they attack your clients? Because they can.  “Security through obscurity” presents an ill-advised approach, especially with the attacks’ expansion into SMBs. Given that small companies lack the resources to protect their IT infrastructure and their ubiquity in today’s economy, it’s not surprising that they present a fertile ground for criminals to harvest.  POS attacks flourish, because of the credit card’s popular use and the heightened demand for stolen card data in cybercriminal underground markets.

The potential threat landscape is vast. Criminals target flaws within the most popular operating systems to maximize reach and throughput. We have seen vulnerabilities within Microsoft Windows, Android OS, mobile platforms (FakeID flaw), and OpenSource products (Heartbleed). Even Apple’s closed iOS fell victim, as the Goto Fail vulnerability showed.  If your POS system runs on popular software, then you are at risk.

Regrettably, many POS system environments evolve around a low cost approach, which neglects security. It’s best to do it right from the start, even if it costs a little more. Data breaches can potentially lead to stiff fines, damage to your client’s brand, and substantial financial loss to their business. It’s just not worth the risk.

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A Five-Year Glimpse Into Consumer Payment Preference |

March 25, 2015

Even though credit cards and mobile payments grab the headlines, cash remains the preferred method of payment.  Security remains a significant driver for many customers…

A Five-Year Glimpse Into Consumer Payment Preference |

Protecting Point of Sales Systems from POS Malware

March 13, 2015

While closed, embedded POS systems drastically reduce your threat exposure, there are a number of other options you can utilize to protect your POS systems and their networks.  This insightful Trend Micro infographic provides a great explanation on the subject matter.  Securing your network is NEVER a waste of time.

Protecting Point of Sales Systems

New POS Software Feature – Grouped Keys

February 4, 2015

Grouped Keys

What does it do?

The POS system now supports “grouped” keys.  This means you can make double vertical, double horizontal keys or a key which is double vertical + horizontal.

What does it mean?
Gives you greater control over your keyboard design and allows you to make important keys larger for quick access.

What is the customer value?
Improves speed and efficiency during transaction.

Industry of Application:

-> Sample: please see new Configuration PDF for the QTouch 8 on page 12:


Grouped POS system keys

Grouped keys on QTouch 8 POS system.


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