QOrder Updated to Support Latest Android Version

May 4, 2016

QOrder, QUORiON’s Android based table-side ordering system for restaurants, has been updated to support the latest 6.0 (Marshmallow) version.  The app runs on most Android smart phones and tablet devices.  It is currently available for a one-time license fee.

Many businesses also utilize the app to serve as a mobile extension of the QUORiON POS system.

Download the new demo version here.


Visit Newly Expanded POS System Video Library

May 4, 2016

During the last 2 months we have been busily working to expand our POS system video library on youtube.  We have added product and white board videos to the collection.

Also feel free to check out QUORiON videos from around the world in this play list.

Wish to see more POS system videos?  Provide your ideas below in the comments.  Thanks!

POS Industry News Round-up

May 3, 2016
Fin6 Group Steals 20 Million Credit Card Records from PoS Systems

ISBuzz News

Criminal group FIN6, which targets Point of Sale systems has managed to steal data on over 20 million credit cards in one singular attack, which, when …

Point of sale and denial of service attacks main security concerns for hospitality: Verizon report

Australian Hospitality Magazine

Point of sale and denial of service attacks main security concerns for … two-factor authentication where possible; monitor the use of POS systems to …

Verizon DBIR Top Threats: Credential Theft, Phishing and PoS – Threatpost

Full Coverage

Basic Payment Protections Go a Long Way

RIS News (blog)

Many businesses, especially the small- and medium-sized, work with third-party payment integrators to set up point-of-sale (POS) systems and to …

Cybercriminals are a motivated, patient lot: how the end-to-end data theft cycle keeps on rolling

IT World Canada

Most coverage is limited to what malware is used to pull data from the PoS system, said Nart Villeneuve, principal threat intelligence analyst at FireEye …


April 28, 2016

When using balances, it is now possible to read/write an order balance from/to a POS system.

You can read or send orders to the POS. The order contents are stored in a CSV file. When the POS system resides in a network and the “floating balances” is active, the orders sent to the POS are automatically stored in the other POS systems as well.

For reading a balance order there are 3 commands. The order of a balance always starts with a record type 1 (INFO Record), followed by records type 2 (ITEM Record), and ends with record type 3 (TOTAL Record).  You (re-)install by sending the downloaded/created CSV file.

See QDRIVER folders for more information on the record formats.

  •  COMMAND=D236 → Download Table Order
  •  COMMAND=D237 → Download Room Order
  •  COMMAND=D238 → Download Account Order

POS Feature Highlight: Set-up Foreign Currencies for POS Receipt

January 15, 2016

Need to know how to set-up foreign currencies for your POS receipt?

In order to print foreign currencies in the bottom section of your POS receipt, you can select the options as seen in the image below.

You can print the local currency and up to 8 additional currencies depending on system option 9-16.

The conversation rate can be entered on the cash register or in QProg.

Foreign currency set up for POS receipt

QProg Lite PC Program Now Available

December 21, 2015

With QProg Lite we now offer you our successful programming-tool for the QMP POS Software in a lite version.

Unlike the past demos Lite actually allows you to communicate with a QUORiON cash register or POS system.  The vast programming options have been reduced for easy entry into the QMP programming world.  It covers virtually every business type and user.

Discover the many possibilities QProg offers your business today!

> Set-up Program (PC)
> Manual

POS Feature Highlight: Scan Loyalty Cards with Bar Codes

September 3, 2015

Don’t have an MSR reader for your loyalty program?  No problem.  QUORiON offers yet another alternative to engage your customers with a loyalty program – use loyalty cards with bar codes to scan.

QUORiON POS systems support loyalty cards with Code128, Code 2of5, or any other that does not require checking of digits such as EAN13.

To illustrate, barcode 99000123 gets scanned and opens customer account 123 on the POS system. The “99” informs the POS system that the next numbers represent the customer account number.

Naturally, you can still use an external serial magnetic card reader as well.  If you wish to implement loyalty cards, but did not add a MSR to the factory option, you can use any magnetic card reader, which sends Track 1 and 2 to the POS system via serial unencrypted transmission.  The Champtek MR300 reader presents a suitable option in this case, for example.



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