New POS Software Feature: POS Systems Now Support CCTV Integration

Who Benefits from a Point of Sale System with CCTV Integration?

Any business that wants to utilize video supervision of transactions to increase security, improve POS work flows, and enhance quality of service/training supervision.

Detailed Benefits

If you install security cameras which electronically link to your POS systems, you can overlay actual images of customers and staff with transaction bookings as well as receipt data.  Here’s more…

  • Provides proof of who sold what, to whom, the time of the transaction and at what price.  Time and date stamps evidence with quality images of any potentially fraudulent or inefficient situation.
  • Quickly follow up on voids, refunds, and other detailed transaction data based on time of day, clerk, or other criteria.  CCTV systems make powerful POS search possible with the addition of exception and variance report functions.
  • Eliminates fraud, as it represents a powerful visual deterrent.
  • View how staff interact with customers – see live, detailed sales transactions to follow up on complaints and staff training.
  • Take advantage of the ability to situate yourself in many places at the same time.  Most CCTV systems include full remote internet viewing and reporting.
  • Fully utilize a bird’s eye view of your business.  CCTV cameras are small and unobtrusive.  You can link them to one or multiple POS terminals.
  • Automated business processes assist you with reducing costs and trouble-shoot as well as speed up day to day operations.

What is Digital CCTV?

CCTV comprises a digital, multi-channel surveillance system, which uses advanced MPEG4 compression technology.  Feeds are superior evidence, since they provide you with quality images, which include time and date stamps.

You can connect a large number of CCTV cameras to your CCTV software system and view them on site or remotely via the internet.  CCTV systems record footage on a dedicated DVR located on or offsite.  Furthermore, if you install sensitive motion detectors, they will enhances efficiency, because they ensure that you only have footage of activity, not down time.

How it Works

  • QUORiON POS systems supply you with all the raw data you need to run CCTV and DVR systems.
  • Use the data to create an overlay of the transaction bookings, as they take place.  Data appears on video.  Deploy your  video hardware and software of choice to store plus analyze this information.
  • All you have to do is define a journal printer port on the QUORiON POS system, where a PC or CCTV system will retrieve all the receipt data, as it comes in.
  • To illustrate, you can use a utility like TuTTY to format the data stream into an actual receipt-like output.  See below.  You can expect this type of data to appear on the video recording.
POS Systems & CCTV

Formatted raw data feed from POS system

The transaction logging function includes the terminal id as part of the protocol:

FIELD 1 -> Fixed to 250 (Transaction Journal ID).

FIELD 2 -> Sequential Record Number within Transaction

FIELD 3 -> Location + Register Number.

FIELD 4 -> Date formatted according to application setting.

FIELD 5 -> Time formatted according to application setting.

FIELD 6 -> Receipt Number.

FIELD 7 -> Salesperson Number when active in application.

FIELD 8 -> Balance Invoice Number. When Invoice without number fixed to 65534.

FIELD 9 -> Balance Type (table=249, room=250, account=251).

FIELD 10 -> Balance Number.

FIELD 11 -> Clerk Number.

FIELD 12 -> Function Type.

FIELD 13 -> Function Number.

FIELD 14 -> Function Text.

FIELD 15 -> Quantity.

FIELD 16 -> Amount.

Raw Data which the QUORiON POS System Makes Available to a CCTV System

250;1;1;27-11-2012;9:12:23;1;;;;;1;10000;139;”Cola 0,2l”;1;1,80

250;2;1;27-11-2012;9:12:23;1;;;;;1;10000;140;”Fanta 0,2l”;1;1,80

250;3;1;27-11-2012;9:12:23;1;;;;;1;10000;141;”Sprite 0,2l”;1;1,80


250;5;1;27-11-2012;9:12:23;1;;;;;1;260;1;”19% MwSt 1″;;0,86


Each POS system will broadcast its terminal id the instant a key is pressed.  Consequently, the CCTV system logs the data in real time.  This enables the correct processing from the DVR end and ensures that you capture the correct POS system at the right moment.

Ask our service team today on how to set-up this feature for your clients.

2 Responses to New POS Software Feature: POS Systems Now Support CCTV Integration

  1. It will again, improve rhe qmp program, and be a + for the enduser

  2. kunalalld says:

    Now-a-days the most efficient way to save records and transactions are pos system that save transaction very quickly and maintain records in effective manner especially for those in retail industry.

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