USB Stick Backups for POS Systems

One of the often forgotten features QUORiON POS systems offer is the USB stick back-up capability – a true life and time saver!

Utilizing commonly available storage media such as USB memory sticks you can quickly perform backups of the most important POS files such as configuration data, images, and reports.  Here’s more…

  • Quickly and securely exchange data with a USB-Memory-Stick.
  • Easy to use, yet comprehensive backups to…
    • Store your cash registers configuration and data files such as PLUs, taxes, and many more.
    • Change the background images of your restaurant table map
    • Export and save your individual reports for external processing.

Furthermore, you have the option to store and manage up to 4 different program backups independently of one another on a single USB-Stick.  For example, you can store your default configuration after the initial set-up, and then 3 additional ones for any program changes you makes thereafter.

Once you have this critical data squared away, you secure your ability to restore program versions, if problems arise from programming modifications.  You thereby quickly undo any changes that may cause issues.

However, the most important aspect remains the ability to get a broken system back up and running with negligible down time.  To illustrate, simply replace an old or damaged POS system, insert the USB stick, and reload all programming parameters in a few minutes.  Done.  You don’t even need a PC to do this.  The new POS system will function like the old one as if nothing happened.  This applies to upgraded POS hardware as well, if you chose to go with a new touch screen POS system.

Time Scheduled USB Backup

Occasionally, one tends to forget to make backups on a regular basis, nullifying any advantage you could gain from it.  To anticipate this, the QUORiON POS system makes programmable Macros available.  Macros enhance the USB backup feature even further, because they provide you with the ability to create backups on a timed schedule you define.  Here’s more…

  • The macro executes only, when the POS system is switched on during the programmed time
  • When the POS system is in transaction at the execution time, the macro executes as soon as the clerk closes the transaction.
  • You have the option to define execution by time plus day of week or day of month.


  • Save any BMP (bitmap) and MAP files of your POS system on the USB-Stick.
    • The POS system uses Bitmap images for the screensaver, slideshow, and any background images for restaurant table maps.
    • Table maps include the table arrangement, which the system stores under MAP files.


Do you have back office or accounting software?  No problem.  QUORiON POS systems offer the following features to satisfy any data export requirements.  You have the option to automate this process or manually initiate it.

  • You can store an automatic USB report on an USB-Stick for external processing.
    • You set the type of report to use for automatic reports in the system parameters.
    • By default the POS system backs up the electric journal.You can manually store reports and files on an USB-Stick for external processing.
    • The POS system will create a file with a filename consisting of the report or file number and the date plus time of the transfer.
    • You can save a specific report type, store the PLU file, or the department file for external processing, for example.

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