QMP POS Software – New QProg Version 2.3.0

Changes QProg Version 2.3.0

  • Changes in the handling of POS system configuration files
  • Direct mailing of POS system backups and configuration files for support purposes via e-mail

When the application starts, the window Whats new containing release notes for the changes in the current QProg version appears.

Handling of POS System Configurations

In order to provide a better and clearer handling, your POS systems configuration files from now on are stored within a newly introduced container file with the extension .QCC (QUORiON Configuration Container):


This file consists of the known QProg applications file with the file extension .QAP and the associated additional configuration files. Container files can be opened with popular compression programs (WinZip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc) to get access to the known configuration files.

Delivery of Support E-Mails

You can now deliver configurations and complete POS system backups (POS system configuration, POS system information (serial number, firmware version, memory backup) immediately from QProg to a support e-mail address.

Use the window Support Mail within QProg to deliver your support e-mails:


You can find the window Support Mail within QProg via the menu Help and the menu item Send Mail.

  • Activate the radio button QProg Configuration to deliver the POS system configuration currently loaded within QProg or to deliver a locally stored configuration file.
  • Via the button Load QCC File you can search and select the appropriate locally stored QUORiON config container file.
  • Activate the radio button Load from cash register to read and deliver a complete POS system backup. Make sure that the settings for the communication with your POS system are set correct and that the system is connected to your PC.
  • After confirming your settings via the button OK QProg generates an e-mail form to capture customer data and adds information about the serial number, the POS system type, the firmware version and QProg program version. Furthermore, QProg adds the corresponding POS system backup or the configuration as an e-mail attachment and automatically opens your default e-mail program:


  • Enter a failure description, fill in the missing customer data fields and use the button Send to deliver your support e-mail.

9 Responses to QMP POS Software – New QProg Version 2.3.0

  1. Allan Eroles says:

    Is it possible to run Qprog in an android tablet?

  2. Arne Høie says:

    The real time of my two Qtouch 2 registers are slowing bout there seconds every day. Is there a way to calibrate?

  3. QUORiON says:

    You can use QProg to setup the time or directly on Cash Register in P-Mode. For example type 1230 and time key. This will change the real time clock to 12:30. You need to enter it in 24h format.

  4. agus muslim says:

    i am from gracindo

  5. Alguien me puede decir como descargarlo o donde??

  6. where i can download it? (2)

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