QUORiON Employees Compete in Annual Erfurt Corporate Run

Every June in the last 5 years held the annual corporate run.  Companies throughout Erfurt come together and participate for a good cause to raise money for the children’s cancer foundation.  More than 5300 runners entered the 5 Km competition with over 370 companies participating this year.   The annual corporate run is the second largest in the state of Thuringia, Germany.  The event represents a great opportunity to help the local community and bring managers plus employees together for an informal, fun-filled activity.  One of the major side shows is the creative t-shirt contest, boasting a hilarious collection slogans and clever marketing.

QUORiON had 4 runners at the start to engage in the festivities.

QUORiON participates in the annual Erfurt Corporate Run

QUORiON participates in the annual Erfurt Corporate Run to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation

QUORiON - QTouch10 all in one POS system

Sporting the attractive event attire…


The run began and ended at the Domplatz, the historic center of Erfurt.  Local radio personalities and stations were on hand to greet the participants.  Moreover, a host of musical acts ensured continuous entertainment for the enthusiastic crowd on hand.  All QUORiON runners gave it their all to finish for a good cause that raised thousands of EUROs in the process.

QUORiON thanks all the organizers and participants for their fabulous enthusiasm to make this event such a resounding success.

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